We can offer expert advice on the most suitable, economical and reliable air conditioning to suit your individual needs.  All installations are carried out by fully trained and qualified tradesmen.


Split Systems

High wall split systems provide an economical form of reverse-cycle air conditioning for single rooms or open spaces.  Multi-split systems are an option for providing house-wide reverse cycle air conditioning to homes where the building structure does not allow ducting to be used.  Reverse cycle air conditioners refrigerate and de-humidify air for effective summer cooling and provide a very efficient means of heating your home.


Ducted Reverse Cycle

If you are looking for a consistent level of air temperature control throughout your house then ducted air conditioning is the right choice.


Among the features you will benefit from are precise air flow speeds and temperature control, unobtrusive and quiet operating systems. 


Whether it's an existing property, or you are constructing a new building a ducted system has many benefits.  


The system consists of an outdoor compressor/condensing unit, and an indoor fan coil unit.  The fan coil unit connects to ducting which distributes conditioned air to various parts of the property.   Systems are available for homes of any size, with many able to be zoned so you can heat or cool all or only part of your home as needed.




air conditioner split system
air conditioner ducted system